Mechanical docking of belts

In the industrial segment, and at various industries, conveyors are used, which quickly and efficiently move the necessary materials, raw materials, products to speed up the technological process.

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However, when installing and operating rubber bands, there are often situations that require their docking.

To connect this less expensive method, use special fasteners. This method is most often found in production areas where it is necessary to constantly change the length of the conveyor. With the help of locks it is possible to make the necessary nodes in the minimum period without special costs. This method is used when it is necessary to reduce the simple conveyor to a minimum, when the operating conditions are characterized by an increased level of dust.

Types of mechanical locks

The shape, type and method of attachment can be different. A suitable type of connection depends on the speed of the conveyor belt, the diameter of the drums, the width and strength of the belt, the standard or explosive conditions of the conveyor.

French mechanical connectors

This material is needed for heavy rubber-fabric tapes, its feature is fastening with self-tapping screws. Qualitative mechanical docking of tapes with the help of these materials does not require special training of personnel and complex instruments. For the conveyor belt of a certain thickness, special locks of the correct size are produced: MS 25, MS 35, MS 45, MS 55, MS 65. For tapes 4.5-10 mm thick, MS 35 is used, and for rubber 6-12 mm, The kit includes:

  • connecting rod;
  • plate;
  • self-tapping screws.

Turkish mechanical locks

For conveyor belt in heavy metallurgy, agriculture, construction mechanical fastening connections of Turkish production are used. This material greatly facilitates installation and reduces simple production. For products with a thickness of 0.8-1.0 cm, bolted or hinged fasteners are installed. Such a connection is most often necessary for conveyor belts, which are operated under severe conditions for moving bulk material: crushed stone, gravel, quartz sand.

American mechanical fastening

Fastening locks of this production can be used on rubber and rubber fabric bands. By the type of connection they can be hinged and bolted all-in-one. They are applied in mining, food, metallurgical, pharmaceutical industries. Several types of this compound are used, which are used for various thicknesses and coatings.

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