Docking of conveyor belts with hot vulcanization

Due to the use of raw rubber and special adhesive vulcanization compounds, it became possible to create strong elastic joints on conveyor belts of conveyors.

from 3250 rubles/pcs.

The most popular method is hot tapping, which is used for all types of tapes. With this method, it is possible to connect and repair the conveyor belt. It involves the use of rubber resins, fused under high pressure and temperature.

For the transformation of raw rubber into a high-strength, elastic material, capable of giving up to 90% strength at the joint of the strip, uniform heating of the raw material under high pressure is used. With this action, the chemical reaction is accelerated, and the raw rubber is converted into a vulcanized material with the necessary physical and mechanical properties.

Application of the thermal method for joining conveyor belts

Using hot methods of docking of the conveyor belt in production premises with a usual microclimate, high dustiness and in the open air. When docking in this way, a high percentage of strength is obtained, so this technology is used in the restoration of conveyor belts, where high temperature cargoes, foodstuffs and loose materials move.

This technology is used in the repair of conveyor belts, on which cargo with high temperatures is transported. If the docking of conveyor belts is done by the method of hot vulcanization, a homogeneous web is formed, not overloading the transport mechanisms. This method is one of the most popular, but is the most laborious and requires the movement of bulky equipment to the site of vulcanization. However, all the inconveniences of carrying out this process are compensated by the low price of expendables and the excellent quality of conveyor belts.

Advantages of thermal docking of conveyor belts

Using this method allows you to immediately restore the working capacity of the conveyor. Thermal docking of conveyor belts by hot vulcanization gives a high-strength joint of uniform thickness without gaps. The use of hot vulcanization for conveyor belts guarantees a long-lasting seam.

This method can be used at minus temperatures in open and highly dusty spaces. The resulting joints can be used in a wide temperature range. To restore the tape, you do not need to dismantle the entire rubber cloth from the conveyor. This method is suitable for all conveyor belts.

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