Heat-resistant conveyor belts

The conditions of modern production often require the delivery of goods of high temperature.

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For raw materials with a temperature above +65 .. + 1000С it is necessary to use a heat-resistant belt. Such specific conveyor belts can withstand up to 4000 ° C. The layer does not collapse, and all functional characteristics remain unchanged. High temperature resistant belt is used in non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy. Often it can be found in industry.

Examples of using

Heat-resistant belt is used:

  • in garbage factories;
  • in the chemical industry;
  • in drying plants;
  • in metallurgy;
  • on cooling lines;
  • at cement plants.
Conveyor heat-resistant belt is used wherever there are conveyors with high temperature conditions. It has a traction frame made of a special material with polyester and polyamide fibers. The product consists of several layers, in which the fabric alternates with heat-resistant rubber. Thanks to the design features, the belt is durable and elastic.

Advantages of using heat-resistant belts

In our company you can buy a heat-resistant belt with a width of 30 to 240 centimeters. Appreciate the advantages of this product:

  • a large range of temperatures that the material withstands;

  • resistance to aggressive effects and negative weather conditions;

  • excellent bonding to the surface at all temperatures;

  • greater flexibility of the belt, the ability to track it;

  • high resistance to wear, due to which the damage is minimized;

  • minimal stretching;

  • The belt does not melt and does not break down when in contact with a hot load.

Features of coating for different temperatures

Individual models of the product are equipped with rubber beads. They protect the cargo from falling off the conveyor. These products are used in hot shops for safety and labor protection.

Depending on the used temperature of the transported cargo, different types of heat-resistant belts are distinguished: T1 - surface heating within +120 degrees, T2 - incandescence range from 120 to 150 degrees, T3 - from 150 to 210 degrees, T4 (unique conveyor belt of foreign production) heavy conditions from 210 to 450 degrees.

What to look for when buying?

When buying, pay attention to the labeling of the product. Usually it contains the kind of fabric and tape, the number and width of the layers, the thickness of the rubber covers, the class, the trademark and the date of production.

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