Oil resistant conveyor belts

Conveyor oil resistant belts are used to move materials that have a mineral oil, vegetable or oil origin.

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The surface of the belt is made of rubber, resistant to the influence of oils, fats and lubricants. Due to this quality, oil-resistant belts have a wide range of applications.

Main technical parameters

Conveyor belts are used in many enterprises and factories. But when exposed to grease or oil the strength of the material is declines, which leads to breakages and tears. In order to prevent an emergency situation in the industry, it is recommended to use tapes with increased resistance to oils and greases.

Transporter oil resistant belts have the following characteristics:

  • Resistance to oils and grease.
  • Strength.
  • Long service life.
Special coating of rubber provides resistance to the influence of oil and grease on the belt. The protected belt does not swell during operation, therefore it keeps its shape and does not get torn. Also, the equipment becomes more resistant to mechanical damage, because the belt is resistant to scratches and depressions.

If the company carries goods that have in their composition oils or fats, the oil resistant conveyor belt is a solution to many problems. With this product, the equipment will work for a long time without breaking down. The belt keeps the shape perfectly and does not get torn, providing a long service life of the conveyor.

Application area

Oil resistant belts are found in many factories in the industrial sector. These are enterprises of agriculture, processing and extractive industries, food and production.

Each plant requires a different configuration, with a difference in oil permeability of the belt. Therefore, there are a number of oil resistant belts with different levels of protection. Enterprises can choose a budget option if the transported goods do not contain a large number of oils, or a more expensive version, which will provide protection not only from fats, but also from fire and other external factors.

Selection of oil resistant belt

The company "EUROSITO" has a large selection of oil resistant belts with different degrees of protection. Among the assortment you will find MOR, GM and GMG tapes at affordable prices. The constant availability of the main types of oil resistant belts in the warehouse makes it possible to quickly deliver the goods to the facility.

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