Belt with corrugated board and partitions

Moving loose or small loads in a vertical direction or at an angle of 450 using conveyor systems requires the use of special conveyor belts.

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They are supplied with wide partitions and corrugated boards. Cross members and flexible sides on both sides of the tape form a limited space, which prevents the spillage and rolling of goods. If you need a high-quality ribbon with corrugated board, you can order it from us at Eurosito. We have equipped a workshop for the production of conveyor load-carrying units of various types from high-quality materials. Durability, compliance with GOST and DIN standards are guaranteed.

Domains of application of conveyor systems with ribbons with corrugated board

Rigid transverse elements act as load grips, create a support for it when lifting to a height. Tests have shown that products with corrugated boards and partitions easily lift materials to a height of 350 to 500 m (vertical lift). In this case, this type of belt is capable of making safe (without spillage) movement of fine-grained loads - grain size from 0.7 to 400 mm.

High-quality conveyor belt with corrugated board, manufactured by our company, is suitable for conveyor systems serving:

  • large construction sites and metallurgical production;
  • waste recycling firms;
  • organizations supplying construction materials to sites;
  • enterprises for the production of mineral fertilizers, etc.
Carrying products with partitions and sides are capable of ensuring the movement of goods over long distances, taking into account the change in the direction of movement. They are easily fastened together and guarantee excellent productivity (up to 2,500-3,000 m 3 of cargo per hour) to the conveyor system.

Features of ribbons with corrugated cardboard and their types

Load-carrying elements from polyvinylchloride, rubber, polyurethane and other materials are made. They are multi-layer products with a width of 4 cm to 1.4 m. If necessary, the conveyor belt with corrugated board and partitions is moved with a cloth interlayer. It strengthens the product - resistance to tearing, deformation, abrasion. The lifespan of such load-bearing units is more than 24 months.

We offer conveyor belts of the following types:

  • EPDM.

It is made from a mixture of ethylene-propylene diene. Hardness of 80 ShorA, tensile strength 6-13 MPa. The material is not resistant to oil-containing substances and is suitable for operation at a temperature of -600C to + 1500C. Rubber is unpretentious to weather and weather loads.

  • NR.

The material of production is natural rubber. Hardness of the 40-80 ShorA liner at low resistance to oil-containing substances. But this type of conveyor belt with corrugated board and partitions is resistant to external loads and alkalis. Can be operated at temperatures from -300C to + 600C. The tensile strength is 5-15 MPa.

  • NBR.

For the production of load-bearing cloth, a mixture of acrylonitrile butadiene (hardness 70 ShorA) is used. This material is the most resistant to oily substances, which also resists the effects of alkalis and weather loads. Its tensile strength is 4-14 MPa, and the operating temperature range is -450C to + 1200C.

  • SBR.

A mixture of butadiene styrene is used. Hardness of the 60 ShorA liner with extremely low resistance to oil-based substances. Stability to stretching - 4-15 MPa, operating temperature range - from -450C to + 800C.

When choosing a conveyor belt, the height of the transverse ribs and sides is also important. We sell products with the height of the side element 40-400 mm and the transverse from 40 mm to 200 mm. If the blade is made for moving heavy and large loads, the partitions are made at a height of at least 140 mm and hardened with a fabric gasket. The height of the sidewall in this case will be 15-20 mm above the ribs. This design of the belt has increased stiffness of the elements and prevents the loss of cargo.

Features of the production of conveyor belts with ribs and sides

A conveyor belt with corrugated board and rubber ribs of increased elasticity is produced. Corrugated board and transverse grippers are solid-cast elements. In this case, the side parts of the tape are easily stretchable, which ensures a reliable hold of the load within the band. The use of special types of rubbers and fabric pads guarantees:

  • durability and resistance to product loads;
  • absence of discontinuities and deformations;
  • high productivity of conveyor systems.
When choosing conveyor belts for conveyor systems, we recommend paying attention to the shape of the transverse ribs and beads. We offer belts with grips and corrugated board of various geometries, height and inclination. If you have any questions, please contact our managers.

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