PVC Conveyor Belts

Food manufacturing companies can offer users today a variety of PVC conveyor belts for transporting food or materials on the premises of industrial premises.

Why use PVC conveyor belts?

Today, PVC food conveyor belts are actively used at various stages of technological processing of various materials or food products in production areas. Such an adaptation is actively used for different situations:

  • transportation of materials / goods in the horizontal direction;
  • moving under the slope of small loads in production;
  • organization of rotary structures of conveyor belts;
  • collection and further distribution of products in production.
To date, the purchase of a PVC conveyor belt will be relevant for simplifying and significantly reducing costs during the production of various technological operations in industrial areas.

Technical features of PVC tape

Conveyor fabric tape is made of polyester and cotton cloths, and synthetic materials such as polyamide, PVC and silicone are also acceptable for this purpose. Technical characteristics of PVC tape are the most popular because they fully meet all existing quality requirements and safety standards. Materials of this kind have many useful properties:

  • structured, smooth surface, effective in use;
  • high level of fire protection, low ability to ignite in case of fire;
  • heat resistance and antistatic properties of materials used for tapes;
  • wear resistance, strength and resistance to the effects of fats and oils.
Given the technical characteristics of the conveyor belt made of PVC, you can safely use this design not only for the transport of grocery goods, but also quite heavy or even abrasive loads in the production. At the same time, the cost of such a belt is low, which makes it possible to significantly save on the arrangement and equipment of production facilities.

Buy PVC belts

EUROSITO has high-quality tapes for transportation of various goods in production, and the company's professionals can give detailed advice on the choice of such equipment.

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