Rubber-fabric Conveyor Belt

The main load-carrying unit of the conveyor is rubber-fabric belt.

from 962 rubles m/n

It is hardy to heavy loads and provides high performance equipment. Due to these qualities, it is widely used in heavy and medium industry for moving (inclined, horizontal, vertical) lump, packaged, loose, dangerous or piece cargo. On favorable terms, you can buy a rubber conveyor belt in our company "EUROSITO". We carry out delivery of conveyor belts for the conveyor with thickness from 4 mm to 29.8 mm, width from 100 to 3 000 mm and length from 5 to 150 m.

Advantages of rubber-fabric conveyor belts

All our products comply with national and DIN standards for products of this class. We have equipped our own production line for manufacturing products adapted to the operating conditions from quality raw materials. That is why we give our customers high guarantees for all manufactured expendables for conveyor systems. Their advantages:

  • excellent slanting (good ribbon flexibility);
  • slight elongation during operation;
  • the possibility of multiple gluing of the edges of rubber bands;
  • increased resistance to weather and operational conditions;
  • high adhesion and durability;
  • correct geometry and thickness of strips;
  • reduced mass.
Conveyor belts are suitable for use on belt conveyors with grooved or flat roll supports. We produce belts for various operating conditions, as well as products with side walls and cross baffles (suitable for vertical movement of goods and their transportation at an angle of 45). When ordering goods from us, remember that the price of a conveyor rubber fabric depends on its type, physical and technical data and purpose.

What is a rubber fabric conveyor belt?

At the heart of the load-bearing strip is the tissue skeleton. It consists of a combination of fibers of polyamide, nylon, polyester and / or polyester. Strong synthetic materials provide the product with resistance to tearing, elasticity and ductility, wear resistance. The use of synthetic fibers reduces the specific weight of the fabric. The frame or fabric gasket is treated with a special compound. Thanks to it, the base adheres reliably to subsequent layers. There are several of them:

  • rubber layer (laid between the fabric bases, which can be 2-12 pieces) - guarantees maximum adhesion of the frame and the lining, resistance to shock and tensile loads;
  • rubber working lining - protects the product from the influence of aggressive environments, weather and atmospheric loads. As the material of the electrode, different bases can be selected. The choice determines the conditions under which the conveyor belt conveyor belt will be operated;
  • rubber rubber lining - ensures the safety and integrity of the load-bearing unit. Protects the surface from dents and damage.

In the manufacture of the frame, natural materials - cotton, as well as a combination of nylon fibers located in various directions, or artificial silk, are often used. What kind of raw materials went into the production of the conveyor belt is indicated in its labeling. Letter B - cotton, R - silk, PP - nylon / nylon, E - polyester, etc. The material of the base production determines the permissible (55-400 N / mm) load on the load-bearing unit.

Types of rubber fabric belts and their description

Our company sells conveyor belts with increased characteristics of heat and frost resistance, as well as frost-resistant flammable and hardly flammable (low flammability) products. Among our products are general-purpose load-bearing units and food. But the choice of a product is based not on the physical and technical characteristics (type) of the belt, but on the basis of its type. The company is interested in the production of the following types of conveyor belts:

  • Type1.

Multi-lining strip with rubber lining on both sides and belt (protective) gasket and rubber sides. Designed for very heavy and severe operating conditions. It is made of synthetic frame, withstand from 300-400 N / mm and temperature from -600С to +60 0С. Heat-resistant and food belts are out of scope.

  • Type2.

Multi-lining load bearing unit with rubber beads and rubber lining on both sides. The product is intended for medium and light operating conditions. The strip frame can be manufactured with the use of cotton fibers. Operating temperatures from -450С to +60 0С. Produce belts of all kinds. Bears loads from 55 to 300 N / mm.

  • Type3.

A multi-layered product with threaded beads and rubber lining on one side. The load-bearing units are designed for light operating conditions. Withstand a load of 55 to 150 N / mm. Only general and food belts are produced. Operating temperature - -250C to +60 0С.

  • Type4.

Two- or single-strip tapes with threaded beads and rubber lining on both sides. The products are designed for light operating conditions. Withstand loads from 55 to 100 N / mm. The load bearing nodes of food and general purpose are produced. The operating temperature is -250C to + 600C.

The price of rubber fabric conveyor belts depends on the type and nature of the product. To avoid mistakes, while choosing the necessary load-bearing unit, before you buy, determine the type of transported goods, the diameter of the conveyor shaft and the equipment performance, the permissible load on the belt and operating conditions. If there are any difficulties with the purchase and selection, please contact the manager of EUROSITO.

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