Elevator conveyor

In the process of grain processing, special conveyor belts are used.

They are needed to transport products in an inclined or upright position. The technique is characterized by different levels of performance. Elevator belts are used not only for grain transportation, but also for other bulk cargo.

Production of equipment

One of the activities of the company "EUROSITO" is the sale of elevator belts.

The production of the belt begins with its perforation and bonding to elevator buckets. This is done by means of special bolts. Under each of them, put a washer. Screwing is done by means of two nuts. They are pulled together by themselves. The key point in production is the correct binding of buckets and ribbons. If this step is not paid due attention, the equipment quickly breaks down.

The elevator belt with buckets is made at a high professional level. The equipment is manufactured in compliance with all necessary standards. The equipment of the company "Eurosito" corresponds to domestic and international quality standards. Advantages of the belt are:

  • good stylophylla;
  • high adhesion;
  • increased resistance to wear.
In our range of products there are seamless, stamped, metal and polymer buckets. Polyamide and polyester are used for the production of ribbons. The first option is made from synthetic fabrics. The basis is polyamide. The strength of the product from this material is from 100 to 400 N / mm.

Polyester products have high strength at low relative elongation. The use of a polyamide duck gives the products increased flexibility and impact resistance. Synthetic pads increase the strength of the equipment. Their number, depending on the model, varies from two to twelve.

Company advantages

At "EUROSITO" you can buy elevator belts on the most favorable terms. Our pricing policy is aimed at reaching a wide audience. Therefore, the company tries to make its products available to the largest number of consumers.

The comfort of the client is the key principle of the company "EUROSITO". We are extremely honest with our customers. Thanks to the sensitive attitude and individual approach, cooperation with the company is comfortable and convenient.

By placing an order on the site, you save your time, as you get it on the day of treatment. High processing speed makes it possible.

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