Chevron conveyor belt

Chevron belt - an effective means of automation, if necessary, to move loads without the use of manual labor. Production of chevron belts is in demand.

from 14000 rubles/piece.

Without them, it is impossible to achieve high rates of labor productivity in a whole range of economic activities. And some of them could not exist at all without this invention.

Advantages of chevron belts

Their advantages are laid in the very process of production and in the raw materials used for their creation. The production of chevron belts is carried out in accordance with the standard DIN 22102 (Germany). Our tapes are wear-resistant and highly elastic. This eliminates the risk of damage and rupture. They are resistant to external weather influences. You can safely operate them on open production sites. For jointing the edges, both cold and hot vulcanization and mechanical fixation are permissible.

The belt has rubber beads. This prevents the release of the load during its movement along it. Symmetrical drawing promotes good centering on the conveyor. In addition, our conveyor belts are suitable for grooved conveyors. In the transverse direction, they easily take the form of trays.

And one more thing: those who still use the usual, smooth version of them, it is strongly recommended to buy a chevron belt. The reason is simple: this replacement provides an increase in the efficiency of the conveyor (reducing the cost of electricity).  The is no need to make any adjustments in the design of equipment.

Design features of chevron belts

Chevron belt conveyor is a monolithic rubber-fabric construction. Profile - angled ribs protruding above the main surface. The profile and the outer (rubber) liner are pressed together by vulcanization into a single whole. The resistance to stretching and deformation is achieved thanks to inserts from the combined fabric EP.

The height of the profiles varies from 14 to 32 mm. There are several versions of the belts:

  1. heat-resistant,
  2. oil resistant,
  3. chemically resistant,
  4. abrasion-resistant.

Domains of using chevron belts

They have long outgrown the original scope of use - the agro-industrial complex. Now the conveyor belt chevron is used in a variety of types of production: timber transportation, mining, cement and asphalt plants, etc. Without them it is impossible to imagine the work of a modern food enterprise.

Such belts became an obligatory component

  • woodworking machines,
  • road-repair units,
  • warehouse equipment for sorting and packaging products,
  • crushing equipment, etc.

The demand for chevron conveyor belts is explained by the excellent properties of the bearing surfaces and the ability to effectively withstand the effects of aggressive media and mechanical loads. But much depends on the good faith of the manufacturer. EUROSITO guarantees high performance of its products. Our tapes will increase the profitability of your production and the safety of the production process.

Belt Selection

When choosing the appropriate version of the conveyor chevron belt, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors - the angle of the conveyor, its length, the nature of the transported goods. Take into account the nuances of the production process as a whole. Another significant point is the relative ratio of the slope angle of the conveyor and the height of the profile of the belt. So, if the belt is used to transport crushed stone, then when it tilts at 25 0, the height of the profile of 14 mm is considered sufficient. And for a slope of 300 is recommended already 32 mm.

Specialists insist: the price of chevron belt is secondary in comparison with the conformity of its operational parameters to the features of the production process. Although our customers do not care about this problem. We pursue a reasonable pricing policy and ensure an acceptable cost for our products.

Marking of chevron belts

The marking is made in accordance with the peculiarities of the modification of the tape. The system of symbols - markers - fixes:

  • purpose for the application of the product,
  • belt width (in mm),
  • brand gasket and its number,
  • dimensions of the working and non-working surfaces (in x / y format),
  • the presence of a board.

All the parameters are fixed in this sequence. As a separator between markers, a hyphen ("-") is used.

Additionally the manufacturer marks the chevron profile. Specify: its type, height and drawing. As a result, the product receives a full characteristic. And the buyer has the completeness of information about each specific modification of the tape.

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