Conveyors and conveyor systems

To automate the operation of warehouses and manufacturing plants, it is customary to use a device such as a conveyor system or a transport system.

from 10000 rubles / piece.

This equipment is also known as a conveyor. Such a system, as a rule, is used for logistic and production purposes. Typically, such a conveyor is used to perform tasks for marking, identification and packaging. Thus, the use of this equipment allows us to combine all the logistics and production processes into a single cycle.

The production process of conveyor systems has many features. First of all, our conveyor systems factory focuses on the quality of the products.

To this end, only modern technologies and high-tech equipment are used. In addition, in the production of such conveyors, all applicable requirements regarding the area of ​​activity where this equipment will be used must be observed. For this, conveyor systems are made of high-quality and wear-resistant materials with a high coefficient of friction. Due to such features, the possibility of slipping of the transported goods and the occurrence of other problems of this nature is prevented.


Modern conveyor systems have a fairly wide scope. First of all, they are used to automate various processes in the food industry. In addition, such systems are actively used in warehousing. In particular, they are used as sorting lines in logistics centers. In addition, we can note the possibility of using similar conveyor lines at confectioneries.


  • Automation of the production process. The use of conveyor systems makes it possible to significantly accelerate the production process.
  • Security. The presence of restraints prevents various damage to products transported on the conveyor.
  • Versatility. There are conveyor systems of vertical, inclined and horizontal type.
Customers of the company "EUROSITO" have the opportunity to order conveyor systems in Moscow at a price of 10 thousand rubles per running meter. Also here you can buy a full range of components for conveyor systems. To place an order, you must fill out an online application form on our website or call the contact phone numbers.

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