Shock-absorbing (Amortizing) conveyor rollers

On modern belt conveyors, several types of rollers are actively used: deflectors, simple ones, shaking, spiral and amortizing.

from 2500 rubles / piece.

It is the latter option and is considered one of the most popular. This is due to the fact that the shock absorbers are designed to protect the conveyor belt in places of increased load.

Due to their properties, shock absorbing rollers allow softening of impacts, preventing vibrations of the conveyor belt. In addition, they contribute to reducing noise and extending the life of the conveyor.

It should be noted that to impart damping qualities on the body of this part rubber rings of various shapes are installed. They contribute to better damping of impacts in the event of a fall of hard and heavy loads of large lumps. This ensures protection and long life of the bearings.


Amortizing conveyor rollers are designed for installation on a conveyor belt in order to soften the impact force on its surface. These parts are installed along the entire length of the conveyor belt. It should be noted that it is possible to use rollers of different diameters. Due to this, such details can be used on different versions of conveyor belts. Accordingly, these parts can cover the needs of a wide range of industries. Most often they are used for transportation of goods at metallurgical enterprises, railways and ports.


  • reduce the load on the conveyor, increasing its service life;
  • reduce the noise level, which is created during the transportation of piece and loose materials;
  • extinguish the vibration of the conveyor belt, reducing the load on the mobile units of the conveyor.
At "EUROSITO" you can buy a shock absorbing roller for the conveyor at a price of 2500 rubles per piece. You can place an order for these details on our website or by the phone numbers listed below. To place an order online, it's enough just to fill out an application on the site.

Customers can also download the order form for shock absorbers. In this form, you need to choose the number of the option of the purchased rollers, as well as their parameters - diameter, length and width. In addition, the order form should specify the type of bearing and the number of rubber rings. In this document, you also need to specify the number of parts to be purchased.

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