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We actively apply the achievements of new technologies and improve production activities. We purposefully assess the working conditions of all workers. We manufacture and supply kinds of consumables and spare parts for special categories of equipment, conveyor systems and types of road machinery. The price of conveyor drums corresponds to the quality of the products. We offer to buy a drive conveyor drum.


The type of belt conveyors is the most common for transporting machines with continuous action. It is used in every industry. 90% of all installations that are used in the power are a variety of types of belt conveyors. The popularity of such systems is increasing. Conveyor belt drum is popular application in many areas of human activity:

  • Mining industry;
  • Transport segment;
  • Metallurgy;
  • Stream production.

Operational basis

The conveyor drum performs rotational movements. If, at the same time, the level of load on the drum shaft changes, fractures or fatigue cracks are possible. Therefore, all the drums need to be balanced in terms of statics and dynamics. The frictional force, or tractive force, between the conveyor belt layer and the drive drum should exceed the force at which the fully loaded belt moves. Then there is the possibility of slippage. This threatens the loss of power and the burning of the tape.

To increase the coefficient of friction, the lining of the drive drum is applied with rubberized fabric or by vulcanization. Using a two-drum drive is also effective. Each part of the drum is transferred from the traction. The twin drums need the power of a single drive motor. This force will be enough for them.

Types of belt drums

The norm for tractive loading requires the mandatory application of one of their types of drives:

  • Conveyor single-drum;
  • Conveyor double drum;
  • Conveyor multi-drum.
Depending on the number of engines, the drives are divided into single-engine and multi-engine types. The design of a single-drum drive is the simplest and most common.

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