Shaking conveyor rollers (fender)

Conveyor belts require the use of quite a large number of rollers.

from 3500 rubles per piece.

For effective and long-lasting operation of the conveyor belt, deflector, amortizing, spiral, simple and shaking rollers can be used. The latter option, also known as bump rollers, is necessary to clean the conveyor belt from the adherence of transported materials. Thus, such parts are considered an excellent alternative to expensive scraper cleaners.


Shaking conveyor rollers are designed for installation on belt conveyors to prevent the adherence of clay, concrete, wet sand, cement mortar, limestone and other loose or solid materials. To effectively clean the conveyor belt, these parts are usually installed at the end of the track.

Installation can be carried out from above as well as from below. The choice of the installation option depends on the technological features of the conveyor belt.

The installation of these parts involves the welding of square bars on the entire working surface of the pipe of the shaking roller. This is necessary to ensure uneven vibrational movements of the conveyor belt. In the process of work, each bar hits the conveyor belt, thus "shaking" it. As a result, the conveyor is self-cleaning.


  • the ability to quickly clean the conveyor belt from a wide variety of materials;
  • reducing the cost of purchasing and installing additional scrapers, technical brushes, as well as vibrating, hydraulic and pneumatic cleaners.

The company "EUROSITO" offers to buy conveyor shaking rollers at a price of 3.5 thousand rubles per piece. To place an order, you can use the special form of the online application. For the manager to contact you, you must indicate your name and contact phone number in the application. In addition, customers can independently find out the answers to all relevant questions by calling the numbers listed below.

To make an order, you can also use the special form, which must be downloaded on the website of "EUROSITO". In this form, you must specify the number of purchased rollers, as well as their parameters and the type of bearing used.

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