Spiral conveyor rollers

Spiral conveyor rollers are one of the most important components of belt conveyors.

from 3800 rubles per piece.

These rollers are rotating parts intended for centering and cleaning the conveyor belt. Due to their properties, spiral rollers help remove various adhering components from the tape. Given this, these parts are installed exactly where you need to clean the material being removed.

The standard diameter of the spiral rollers is 108 mm. However, the manufacturers of these parts for the conveyor belt have the ability to produce rollers of other sizes. Usually this question is specified in the process of ordering. Such conveyor rollers have 2 variants of the spiral direction - left and right. In addition, these parts can have both standard and non-typical execution. The second type of manufacturing can be carried out under the drawing documentation of both the client, and the manufacturer.

To manufacture these parts, it is customary to use a special polyurethane, which contributes to an increase in the tensile strength and protection from deformation upon impact. Spiral rollers can be additionally equipped with clamps, internal or external thread, etc.

The cost of conveyor spiral rollers starts from 3.8 thousand rubles apiece.


Spiral rollers, as a rule, are used to automatically clean the bottom of the conveyor belt. Also, experts recommend installing these parts as close to the loading area as possible. Due to this, it is possible to avoid contamination of the end of the conveyor belt.


  • Qualitatively clean the conveyor from various contaminants;
  • center the conveyor belt;
  • the possibility of production in accordance with the customer's design documentation.
In order to order the conveyor spiral rollers, you must use the online application on the site. You just need to provide your name and phone number.

On our website you can also download the order form for spiral rollers for the conveyor. In this form, the customer can choose the required part option, as well as its main parameters - diameter, length, width and type of bearing used. In addition, the required number of parts must be indicated on the form.

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