Rollers for conveyor belt

The second most important element of belt horizontal conveyors is rollers.

from 600 rubles / piece.

This is a cylindrical steel (ordinary or galvanized), stainless, aluminum or plastic (PVC, polyethylene, etc.) part with a diameter of 54 to 159 mm and a length of 100 to 1,600 mm. The material of the element's production determines its purpose and operating conditions. So plastic parts are suitable for conveyors and roller conveyors, by means of which they move loads weighing not more than 70 kg. Stainless and galvanized parts are designed for conveyor systems operating in wet rooms.

In the company "EUROSITO" you can buy conveyor rollers of all types and sizes for a low price. We produce conveyor elements, and therefore we can guarantee their high quality and reasonable price.

Peculiarities of conveyor rollers

Transporter elements are used both on belt conveyors and roller conveyors, where the main carrier plane is the rollers themselves. With their help, move individual loads with a flat or cylindrical, ribbed surface. The use of high-quality components on tape horizontal machines provides:

  • smooth and uniform movement in a given direction of the conveyor belt;
  • effective support of belt tension;
  • safety tape (reduces wear, prevents the gap, etc.);
  • creation of sides;
  • the maximum efficiency of the application of conveyor systems.

Our company carries out the production of conveyor rollers in accordance with the standards of GOST. We produce reliable and durable non-drive and drive, demountable and non-separable guide parts for the conveyor. Drive elements are part of a special conveyor mechanism, which is equipped with an engine (operation from the network). Mechanized conveyor systems have higher productivity (speed and load capacity). Not driven parts move independently.

Collapsible elements differ from non-separable rollers with a mass and a system of protection from contamination. We supply them with a double seal on the outside of the bearings. Heavy and medium-heavy versions of the parts are produced. To achieve weight reduction, the manufacture of medium-series conveyor rollers is carried out using a special type of bearing. Unselected or lightweight components are characterized by less weight and a simple mechanism design in which we use closed-type bearings. Elements of this type also have a high-quality and reliable anti-dust protection system (seal with rubber gasket).

Conveyor rollers construction

The base of the roller is a tube made of steel, closed at both ends by hubs with a rubber seal. At the ends are also located the bearing units, which are connected by a one-piece axle. It is laid along the entire length of the pipe. The outer sleeve must be covered with an anti-corrosion compound or made of galvanized metal (sometimes the sleeve is housed in an aluminum casing).

We manufacture components with reduced weight. Insignificant weight provides durability of brake system, safety of resource of bearings, high inertia of a tape. At the same time, the price of a roller of a conveyor low weight is lower. Simple construction and reduced weight of the part:

  • minimum engine power consumption;
  • smoothness and stability of the unit;
  • actual absence of vibrations;
  • resistance to difficult operating conditions;
  • low noise figure;
  • simple and affordable service.
When selecting components, the company's experts recommend taking into account the operating conditions of the unit, the characteristics of the cargo being transported and the characteristics of the environment (humidity, dustiness of the room). The correct choice of products guarantees a long working life of the conveyor.

Types of conveyor rollers

At us in the company buy rollers for a conveyor belt of following kinds:

  • Deflector. Warn by shifting the conveyor belt to the sides, ensure its movement along the specified trajectory.
  • Textolite. Used in conveyors designed for the transport of dangerous goods.
  • Shaking. A special kind of parts that ensure the cleaning of the working cloth from contamination. When moving limestone, sand, clay or other materials, it is inevitable that they stick to the tape.
  • Amortizing. In places of loading, details of this type provide softening of impacts. Conveyor rollers with soft rubber rings are produced. They reduce the noise level and preserve the working life of the equipment.
  • Flat. Ensure the movement of cargo by swinging around its axis

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