Deflector conveyor belt roller

One of the most important elements is the deflector rollers of the conveyor belt. This roller is also called lateral.

from 650 rubles / piece.

It is necessary for the direction of movement of the conveyor belt. That's why it is installed on both sides of the belt conveyor.

The main purpose of the deflector roller is to prevent displacement of the working belt of the conveyor belt. Due to this, the movement along the necessary trajectory is ensured. It is worth adding that these details can have a different diameter and size. In addition, they differ in the length of the shell, the height of the axis, and also the center-to-center distance of the connecting grooves. In addition, such details differ in the angle of their inclination.

All of the above options are usually displayed in the title of this part. For example, the deflector roller DZH65-89-30 means that it is intended for a conveyor belt 65 cm wide. The roller itself has a diameter of 102 mm. And its angle of inclination is 30 °.


Conveyor roller deflector is designed for use on conveyor belts in order to prevent the spillage of transported goods. Most often this part is used on conveyors designed to move grain and its processing products.

It is used to support the lower and upper branches of the belt conveyor. Thus, this part gives the band a grooved shape, preventing its displacement and possible precipitation of transported bulk cargo.


  • set the necessary bowl-shaped shape of the conveyor, preventing the possibility of spilling loose goods;
  • possibility to produce lateral rollers with a slope angle of 20 °, 30 °, 45 ° or 60 ° (according to customer requirements).
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