Metal woven sieves

Metal woven sieves are widely used in various industries.

from 3250 rubles / pcs.

They are used for the precise separation of loose compositions: gravel, sand, small and coarse crushed stone, seeds, coal, mineral fertilizers and other.

Smooth surface allows you to significantly increase the speed of dispersion, its quality. The shape of the cells prolongs the service life, which does not require a frequent replacement of the screen, so the repair costs are significantly reduced. The optimally selected thickness of the wire will ensure the maximum throughput of the sieve, which will allow to fully use the fabric life. In our company, you can also find and purchase woven stainless steel sieves at an affordable price.

Characteristics of producing woven sieves

During sieve manufacturing, a high-alloy composition of 1 to 12.5 mm thick is used. Quality sieve woven stainless steel is made of strong wire or rod. Before weaving, the material is straightened and corrugated, then it is weaved and crimped if necessary. Steel is not exposed to moisture, high temperatures and corrosion. This increases the productivity and reduces the sticking effect. The production of woven sieves has several features:

  • application of innovative technologies for manufacturing;
  • large selection of sieve cell sizes;
  • the choice of thickness and type of material;
  • complexity of ribbing the fabric;
  • high stiffness of weaving.
Sieves are manufactured in accordance with the customer specified parameters. To do this, a spring wire made of carbon and stainless steel is used, which is produced according to international quality standards. The use of modern technology allows us to create woven sieves, per order, with strong weaving and a smooth working surface, which are characterized by a long service life and resistance to deterioration.

Use of woven sieves

Most often, a sieve with folds (hooks) is used to stretch the fabric, which is now widely used. Consequently, the screen is stretched evenly, which excludes its sagging and prolongs the service life. Lots of domestic (Russian) screens are converted to sieves with rebate fasteners. Our company offers the opportunity to buy woven sieves for separation of ore and non-ore compositions, which are formed by fractions up to 140 mm. They are used on stationary screens (GIL, GIS, GIT), mobile, all types of ABZ.

"EUROSITO" dynamically develops in the market and is engaged in supply of expendables for construction equipment, crushing and screening equipment and conveyor systems. Individual approach, honest partnerships and modern equipment will allow each customer to be convinced of the right choice of products. You can order stainless woven sieves by calling these phones or by placing an order on the site. Receipt of the order is available in the shortest possible time, due to the high-speed service of the transport delivery department.

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