Self-cleaning (harp) Sieves

Harp sieves are used for sifting various materials, including clay and high humidity materials.

from 6500 rubles / piece.

The model is divided into horizontally-corrugated and vertically-grooved. The self-purifying, harp-shaped metal screens proved to be the most advantageous in the process of exploitation. They are made of wear-resistant spring wire produced in Germany.

Advantages of self-cleaning sieves

Harp-like self-cleaning sieves are arranged in such a way that, in the course of work, due to the special type of their weaving, the wires interact with each other. As a result of the vibration obtained, the sieve components are self-cleaning. This kind of device of a harp-shaped industrial sieve allows to avoid clogging the pores of the sieve with materials of high humidity (clay).

Harp-like self-cleaning  sieves are advantageous in:

  • they show a high level of productivity in the classification and sorting of materials containing silt particles, various soils and clay rocks;
  • their use excludes the possibility of clogging the screen with crushed residues of the sieved materials;
  • the use of self-cleaning Harp-like sieves made of metal, which has high resistance to destructive effects of moisture, guarantees a long service life of the screening devices

Individual Work Approach

The conditions and requirements for sorting and classifying the material differ depending on the specifications of the activity of the production facility. For manufacturers, to produce sieves meeting the individual requirements of customers, it is necessary to take into account the following parameters when ordering equipment:

  • the sizes of a hook fastening;
  • length between hook fastenings;
  • distance between axes of supports;
  • width of screening device (screen) and type of tension.

Maintenance and installation

A harp metal sieve lasts long if the tension is adjusted gradually during the installation. Adjustment is recommended to be done several times. After each new adjustment, it is necessary to start the screen and test the quality of the tension of the screening surface. Thus, the possible difference between the lengths of the wire is eliminated.

The installation of sieves must be carried out taking into account all rules for handling such equipment. Otherwise, careless handling can lead to deformation of the wire.

If the screening wire is deformed during installation or operation, this deficiency must be rectified. To do so, loosen the tension and restore the corrugation with pliers. After removing the defect, repeat the wire tension procedure.

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