Finger-shaped sieves

Finger-shaped sieves in their design look like bars of metal, fixed at the ends in cassettes. Depending on the material being sieved, the diameter of the rods and the distance may vary.

from 3500 rubles/piece.

Sieves are located one under the other. In this case, the bottom row should protrude. This arrangement is called cascade. Pieces of sifted material, in which the dimensions are smaller than the gaps between the bars, fall. Large pieces will remain on the rods. These screens are designed for sieving clayed coarse lump materials, limestone, dolomite.

The main characteristic of finger-like sieves

  • Due to the vibration of some of the bars, the sieve is almost not clogged.
  • These structures have a large free surface and a sharp slope. This makes it possible to maximize the productivity of the sorting machine.
  • On the one hand, the bars are embedded in a polyurethane console. Segments are laid in a beam fixed transversely to the movements.
  • Only a finger sieve is capable of screening small particles from a large fraction of road gravel on one surface or removing large pieces of clay from small gravel.
  • Sometimes it is possible to install the sieve in a suitable screening machine.
  • The maximum possible width of the rods is 600 mm.
  • The dimensions of the modules are 630 mm.
  • The size of the sieve slit is 25-150 mm. In this case the rods are used with a diameter of 10-30 mm. It should be borne in mind that the gap should be 10-15% less than the boundary of the sorting material. At the time of installing the sieve, raise the rods 5-10 degrees from the horizontal.

How can one extend the life of a finger-like sieve?

A sieve that is too tight or slightly taut is not effective. At the same time, such equipment is subject to high-speed deterioration. It is very important to monitor the condition of the tension of the sieve rods. Also, it's necessary to replace the fastening components that are already out of order, on time. To extend the period of use of the equipment, the use of a protective profile is recommended.

What should one know when ordering a finger-shaped screen?

When ordering the product and for maximum efficiency, please select the parameters correctly at the order stage and provide the following information:

  • method of fixing equipment;
  • type of rebate;
  • the diameter of the wire;
  • dimensions and type of the cell;
  • the size and model of the sorting screen or the dimensions of the sieve.

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