Welded slotted stainless steel Sieves

Welded slotted sieves are used in various industries. Their quality directly affects the productivity in different domains.

from 14000 rubles / piece.

Therefore, these products must meet all the necessary requirements and must be manufactured according to certain technologies.

It is necessary to accurately stick to the specified parameters during welding of the carry and profiled wires, since a high-quality sieve has an ideally flat surface and is able to bear significant loads.

Where are welded sieves used?

This category is designed to filter and dehydrate various loose materials. It is used for water treatment. They are widely used in such industries as:

  • chemical;
  • food;
  • coal;
  • ore dressing;
  • paper, etc.
Each segment requires accuracy of tasks and high quality of the products. Therefore, it is necessary that the technology works flawlessly and each part of it ideally copes with its work.

In order to avoid any equipment problems in the production process, and to get a perfect result steadily, we offer to purchase welded slotted sieves, manufactured by our company. We manufacture products of various shapes, sizes and tolerances:

  • cylindrical;
  • snaffle;
  • flat;
  • arc;
  • rotors;
  • conical, and so on.

Each of them is designed for specific equipment and specific tasks, related to the type of production.

It's convenient and profitable to cooperate with us!

We have all the necessary machines for the exact manufacture of the sieve you need. This makes it possible to produce products of any complexity, taking into account your additional requirements. We employ qualified specialists who will design and manufacture the right model for your equipment in compliance with all technological standards. Cooperating with us, you receive lots of advantages:

  • the possibility of permanent cooperation;
  • separate approach to each client;
  • quick order processing;
  • delivering products in a convenient way for you;
  • the possibility of delivering directly to production sites;
  • impeccable quality of products;
  • long-term warranty on products.

Our company cooperates with leading Russian enterprises on a permanent basis and is always glad to greet and serve new clients. Due to the professionalism of our team, you will receive products of the highest quality at prices, much lower than those of other producers.

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