This technology is specifically designed to solve the problems of filtration, separation, collection and distribution of fluxes, reducing flow resistance and plugging elements.

from 15000 rubles/piece.

Lattices in the form of cylinders are used to filter liquid and gaseous media from mechanical impurities and solid inclusions, which adversely affect the flow of the process and the equipment itself. Flat grids - are used mainly for separation, classification and grinding.

The products are made of a high-precision stainless profile of a triangular V-shape and transverse support elements of different cross-section, connected by welding at each intersection point. Thus, the V-shaped profile creates a smooth, rigid screen with longitudinal or transverse slits of a strictly defined size from 100 microns to 1000 mm. with a tolerance of ± 50 microns per slot size.

Advantages of shield sieves compared to round and square sieves:
  • Ensuring of minimum hydraulic resistance;
  • A significant reduction in the clogging of the filtering surface: the particles come into contact with it only at two points of the triangular profile;
  • The screen from the profile wire provides ideal conditions for backwashing;
  • Uniform distribution of the filtered medium flow in the contact zone with the filter element;
  • In the distribution devices, the formation of stagnant zones is excluded;
  • Hard tolerance to the size of the slots and high accuracy of fit;
  • High durability and rigidity of the structure.
A trowel screen is used in various branches of the national economy. For example:
  • Water treatment: filter elements, cartridges, industrial coarse filters, arc screens, systems for wastewater treatment;
  • Power engineering: beams of the NRU and ASP, caps for various systems. Systems - "false bottom", "spider", "copy type";
  • Extractive industries (gold, coal, copper, crushed stone, etc.): arc, cylindrical, flat screens, sieves for screens, tie screens, rotors, sieves for drying complex and others;
  • Sugar and paper-producing plants: pulp pulp, drums for dehydration, conical filters, filtering decks, traps of heavy impurities;
  • Chemical and paint and varnish industry: baskets for bead mills, expendables for them, sieves;
  • Drilling of wells and processing of crude oil: filters, dirt traps, sieves for vibrating screens and others;
  • Oil and gas production: pumps protection filters, casing filters, formation fluid filters.

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