Hydraulic equipment

Today, the industry is actively using a huge number of options for hydraulic equipment.

RVD (high-pressure hose) - moves hydraulics to all parts of the machine

Pump hydraulic - serves to supply oil to the hydraulic system

Hydraulic motor - regulates the speed and rotation of individual elements of the installation

Today, the industry is actively using a huge number of options for hydraulic equipment. In particular, hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders, valves, o-rings, etc. are used for industrial and industrial operations. The above equipment can be used in the oil and gas, processing industries, hydropower, construction, mining, primary materials processing, construction, agriculture and other fields of activity.

Of course, one of the most common types of hydraulic equipment is a hydraulic pump. This industrial hydraulic equipment is a device for creating a fluid flow. This is due to the force action of the displacer on the liquid. Modern hydraulic pumps are divided into two categories - volumetric and dynamic.

Hydraulic motors are another common class of hydraulic equipment. They are devices designed to convert the energy of the fluid flow that was created by the hydraulic pump into mechanical energy. This hydraulic equipment in Russia has a huge potential in a wide range of industries.

In our country, hydraulic safety valves are also actively used to protect pipelines from increasing the pressure level of the working medium. This device works by adjusting the spring to the desired pressure.

Purpose of hydraulic equipment

The purpose of the hydraulic equipment depends on its type. Hydraulic motors are designed to convert the energy of a liquid medium into mechanical energy. The hydraulic pump is used to move the liquid medium during its transformation. Such hydraulic lifting equipment, like a hydraulic valve, is used to maintain the required level of pressure in the liquid streams and to protect the entire system.

Applications of hydraulic equipment

The hydraulic power equipment described above can be used in various branches of the national economy. First, hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors are actively used in the oil and gas industry. Secondly, without such equipment today it is impossible to imagine modern construction equipment. Thirdly, similar hydraulic equipment is used in the space industry, aviation, timber industry, railway industry, as well as in truck cranes, municipal vehicles and road transport.

Given such a variety of options for the use of hydraulic devices, it can be concluded that they have an extremely high operational potential.

Advantages of hydraulic equipment

The main advantages of hydraulic pumps, first of all, include their compactness and the possibility of using without an electrical network. In addition, such equipment is distinguished by its reliability and ease of use.

As for the advantages of hydraulic motors, here in the first place should be placed the minimum weight and dimensions. In addition, such equipment allows you to easily adjust the shaft speed. This advantage is provided by the fact that the hydraulic motors are driven by the water pressure.

Also do not forget that today the sale of hydraulic equipment called hydraulic valves is being actively implemented. The main advantage of these devices is the ability to reduce pressure losses, reduce the number of pipelines in the system and reduce noise.

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