Today, for the crushing of solid materials, it is customary to use equipment such as a cone crusher.

One of the main elements of this equipment is the armored cone, which, by means of circular rocking, crushes pieces of hard metals.

Advantages of armored cones for crushers

Cone crushers have a number of undeniable advantages over the jaw counterparts. First of all, it should be noted that through the use of armored cones, the level of performance is increasing. Accordingly, the operating costs and the prime cost of the processed materials are reduced. The advantages include the ability to provide an uninterrupted production process. This nuance is especially important for producers working in the mining industry.

Armored cone on request also has a high level of strength. Due to this, it rarely needs to be replaced. Thus, even quite large loads will not affect the performance of cone crushers.

Among the advantages of using armored cones can also be noted:

  • stability of the size of the finished product;
  • ease of adjustment;
  • the possibility of crushing small and medium hard rocks;
  • the presence of protection against overload, which prevents the cone crusher from getting dust and dirt in the bearings.

Operating principle

The principle of the armored cone of the crusher is that the material to be processed is abraded by the gyratory rocking of the mobile cone. The material to be washed is placed directly into the bowl of a stationary armored cone. It should be noted that both cones are equipped with armor, which protects them from impact and abrasive wear. The armor in cone crushers is usually made of Hadfield's sturdy manganese steel.

Between the surface of armored cones there is a space in which pieces of hard rock are ground. The crushed material obtained during the crushing process falls into the funnel of the immovable cone, from which it is poured down. This principle of operation allows not to stop the production process for cleaning the armored cone from the crushed material.


The vast majority of mining enterprises use armored cones, as well as beams and lining plates on mobile and stationary crushing plants. It should be noted that these components can be used with equal success both on domestic and imported crushing plants. In conclusion, it should be said that armored cones are used for crushing various types of rocks. In particular, with the help of this equipment, it is possible to refine ore of non-ferrous or ferrous metals, as well as pieces of nonmetallic ores.

At present, it is not difficult to buy an armored cone for a crusher. This equipment can be purchased by leaving an application on the site or by calling the company.

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