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How to extend the service life of conveyor belt


Ways to increase the service life of the conveyor belt

The main task in the operation of the conveyor is to increase the operating period of the moving fabric. This can be achieved with the help of rubberizing (lining) drums. As a result of giving the drum a barrel-like shape, the load-bearing unit is protected from premature wear.

When there is a need to repair the canvas, several methods are usually used to restore its integrity, but the most durable is the method of hot vulcanization, the belt is prepared according to the technology, the adhesive is applied after pressure, and forms a durable coating with unique wear resistance, high frost, abrasive- and waterproofing properties. The use of hot vulcanization will protect the worn sections of the load-bearing unit and significantly increase the period of its operation.

When changing the section of the conveyor belt, different ways of fastening the joint are used. Depending on the choice of the method of docking, the service life of the load-bearing fabric, drums and drive mechanism, varies.

Methods of Docking a Belt

  • Mechanical. Metal hinges, rivets and staples are used. Despite the simplicity and accessibility of this method, the junction point is short-lived, since the edges of the belt fastened together with the staples quickly wear out. As well, it is not protected, where dust and garbage entering the working mechanism lead to premature wear of the equipment;
  • Cold vulcanization. Adhesives are used for bonding. The joint is sealed and will last longer than the mechanical connection;
  • Hot vulcanization. Requires the use of expensive equipment and stopping the conveyor. Forms a reliable, strong and durable connection.

If deformations and mechanical damages are detected, the conveyor belt should be repaired in a timely manner, thus avoiding a long stoppage of the mechanism and the entire enterprise. It is possible to increase the service life of the conveyor belt by reducing loads, lining the drums, timely restoration of the integrity of the blade and the correct method of docking. But the most important thing is the purchase of a quality conveyor belt in a professional company.