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Causes of wearing-out of conveyor belts


Causes of wearing-out of the conveyor belt during operation

Problems with the belt for the conveyor can arise as a result of non-compliance with the rules of operation of the product. Below are the main reasons for the premature failure of conveyor belts.

1. Slip on the leading drum. Occurs when the conveyor is overloaded, the skewing of the drum, the small angle of the drum's grasp of the conveyor belt and the ingress of lubricants to the working elements of the conveyor.

2. Rapid wear-out of the working surface. The cause of this problem can be an increased sagging between the lower supporting rollers, slipping, and also friction of the belt against foreign objects.

3. Accelerated wear of the non-working surface. This fault occurs when the rollers of the upper branch get jammed, the transported material gets on the lower branch and the main and auxiliary drum wear out.

4. Breakdown of the working surface. The cause of this defect may be the incorrect choice of the loading tray, in which the transported material falls on the tape from a great height.

5. Break in joint point. Occurs when the conveyor is overloaded with transported material, as well as when it is caught between the belt and the drum, which causes a critical tension.

6. Quick wear of the side edges. The cause of this wear is the displacement of the centering of the tape, in which the side surfaces rub against the conveyor frame and quickly become unusable.

7. Longitudinal cuts of the working surface. Occur when the supporting rollers break. In this case, the tape rests on the brackets for the rollers and quickly breaks down.

8. The appearance of bubbles and the swelling of rubber. These defects occur when oil, lubricants and water are repeatedly spilled through small cuts on the working surface of the conveyor belt.

This is not a complete list of reasons for the increased wear-out of conveyor belts. For example, if these products are not properly stored, they can completely fail before they are installed on the conveyor. Significantly increase the period of trouble-free service of conveyor belts can be due to proper operation, timely maintenance and repair work!