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Features of the conveyor belt rollers


Conveyor rollers are important parts of belt type conveyors. Metal structures are responsible for the movement of the track and giving it a special shape in the form of a trough.

The design of the demountable conveyor roller is quite simple: it consists of a cylindrical drum located on the axial shaft, a bearing required for rotating the movable axis of the device, the form, the bearing assembly, the dustproof device, the retaining ring and the material that lubricates the mechanism.

Despite the high quality of production and materials, sometimes the rollers fail and need to be replaced. The main reason is the moving of heavy weights while transporting materials.

  • Skewing caused by the severity of the transmitted loads;
  • Overheating and jamming due to continuous operation;
  • Pollution of mechanisms arising due to difficult conditions in the production.

One should understand that the failure of even one element of the device can lead to negative consequences. More often, it is a rupture of the conveyor belt and the shaft, disposition of the belt, and as a result, a major accident in production. You can avoid this if you change the rollers on time and use only high-quality products from a reliable manufacturer.

Rollers of integral and demountable construction

Conveyor belt rollers are produced in two versions: non-collapsible and collapsible options. The first are a one-piece product, the components of which are not subject to breakdowns are subject to separate repair - the roller will need to be replaced entirely. The joints on this device are not available, which increases the reliability. Also, such options have a lower price, less weight. Increasing the wear resistance of the bearing is also achieved by the fact that in the structure with a felt seal there are no plastic elements and locking rings.

Demountable rollers are repairable - this is their main advantage. Because of this, they are popular for the use of technology, the operation of which takes place in conditions of maximum wear of the elements. Demountable options with the help of a labyrinth polyamide seal protect the units from moisture and dust.

Types of rollers

Conveyor rollers perform not only the function of maintaining the canvas and giving it a tray-shaped notch, but also :

  • Smooth, they facilitate the movement of the conveyor belt;
  • Shock absorbing helps to compensate shock loads of dampening vibrations, reduce noise level in production, minimize wear of moving parts;
  • Deflectors prevent lateral descent of the bearing track, damage to the rim;
  • Shaking rollers remove jammed products off the fabric, and as a consequence, cut costs (no paper clips are used);
  • Textolite, provides electrical impermeability.

Principles of product selection

When choosing and buying it is worth paying attention to such factors:

  • Speed ​​of the fabric;
  • Properties of goods carried by the belt;
  • Conveyor belt construction;
  • Working conditions;
  • System performance;
  • Material of manufacture, quality of the roller.

It is important to choose the right roller, because this influences the reliability and safety of the work, the service life of the conveyor belt, the possibility of reducing production costs.