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Conveyor belt with metal cord


Moving a dimensional cargo with a conveyor belt is the most efficient way of transportation. Among the variety of conveyor devices, the most preferred are the steel cord bands. A metal chord is a cable made of steel (brass thread). It is used as a reinforcing material in the production of conveyor belts. In comparison with conventional rubber-fabric belts, conveyor belts with metal cord have a main advantage - resistance to breakdown, caused by the built-in metal cord under the working cover of the conveyor belt. This makes such a device fully durable and completely resistant to different kinds of mechanical action (for example, impacts of a bulky cargo or other acute-angled object).

There are several types of conveyors of this type:

  • SC. In this type of conveyor, the metal belt is made of reinforcement with high lateral rigidity. Its operation is provided for flat conveyor systems (it is not used on grooved conveyors).
  • RC. The steel cord is made of transverse metal cables, which gives it elasticity. Most preferably, use is on grooved conveyors.
  • BR. The metal chord is made of plastics on the basis of linear synthetic high-molecular compounds, which makes it possible to use such an assembly on conveyors where magnetic separators are installed.

Advantages of tapes with metal cord

The use of this type of belt conveyor when shipping cargo has several advantages. They provide:

  • High productivity of conveyor systems.
  • Resistant to aggressive effects.
  • Minimal risk of deformation or rupture.
  • Great adhesion and durability.
  • Uninterrupted operation in different temperature modes.
  • Long service life.

Scope of application of belt conveyors

Due to the high reliability and durability of this device, the area of ​​its use is extensive and includes the following areas:

  • Coal industry. The belt conveyor with metal cord has a great solidity in the transportation of coal, due to which it is actively used in the coal industry.
  • Black and nonferrous metallurgy. The conveyor belt with a steel cable is used for transportation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in heavy operating conditions.
  • Food industry. Transportation of packaged materials and small packaged food products is carried out.

Scope of construction. Due to high resistance to mechanical influences, any construction materials can be moved on a belt conveyor.