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Conveyor systems


Conveyor systems are special equipment, assembled in a certain type of construction, which helps to move, pack, transport cargo, products. With their help, the process of production is automated and accelerated, and the quality of the work performed increases.


Such equipment is most often found in such industries:

  • Food production;
  • Mining industry;
  • Machine-building enterprises;
  • Metallurgical industry.

In production plants, conveyor systems are used to move goods around the production site to the destination or to move them outside the site. They can serve as a kind of accumulators of finished products that are waiting for their overload. The main purpose is to load, unload and transport different types of cargo.

The system of organization of conveyor production greatly facilitates the work of the working personnel, allows to carry out in a large volume complex continuous technological processes in a short period of time. Additional equipment makes it possible to perform operations for sorting, packing, aligning, cutting, packing products. In the food industry, they can perform heat treatment of products, dry, cool, smoke, glaze, bake them.

Types of conveyor systems

Basically, conveyor systems consist of a drive and a conveyor belt, which it moves. They come in the following forms:


  • Belt type. They are made of steel. Black or stainless. They can move loads of any kind: single, loose, parts, boxes. They are equipped with roller bearings, mesh band, protective boards;
  • Rollerbags. There are drive and non-drive, are used to transport piece items. Some products are equipped with rollers, swivel mechanisms. With their help they carry out loading and unloading operations;
  • Swivel lead. These are inclined tape mechanisms capable of delivering objects under the desired slope, from one level of height to another;
  • Roller bearings. Their line consists of rollers. They are attached to the conveyor frame, rotate on its fixed axes. They are made with or without a drive. Used to transport items with a ribbed, flat or cylindrical surface. The rollers must be larger in diameter than the width of the moving cargo, and the distance between them is half the length of its length. In addition, it is equipped with curved, swivel sections, swivel circles, switch translations. Small cargoes are transported on it in special pallets, boxes;
  • Plate. They consist of two parallel branches, made of metal chains, connected by rollers. Used to move heavy items packed in different types of containers: barrels, boxes, boxes. This process occurs in the horizontal plane.


Types of classification


  • The direction of moving the equipment along the conveyor. Under the slope, vertical or horizontal position;
  • Functions: assembly, sorting, transportation;
  • Place and method of installation. Floor, suspended, mobile, stationary or portable.


They are serving, that is, they deliver the products to the dispenser of packaging equipment and take them away-they are already taking the finished products to their destination.

When choosing a conveyor, the industry in which it will be used will be taken into account, namely the type of the enterprise's activity, the specificity of the cargo, its consistence, weight, dimensions. Correctly selected equipment will make the work process more efficient and productive. And to increase the service life it is important to choose a high-quality conveyor belt, for this use the free consultation of our specialist, just call these phones.